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In 2014 we decided to seek out elements for the most basic natural hair care regimen available. During this quest, we discovered ancient uses of herbs and plant products indigenous to India and the Near East. We are fortunate to have learned how much one can improve hair color, health, strength and beauty by simply skipping chemical treatments often found in commercial hair dye. By avoiding conventional hair coloring products, and with consistent use of henna, amla, indigo and other plant-based preparations you can strengthen and beautify your hair. We are excited to bring these raw building blocks of beauty to you.

Henna plants have been used for thousands of years to naturally dye hair in colors ranging from copper hues to a deep auburn.

Mixing Indigo with Henna is a popular method for creating brown tones for natural hair dye. Indigo bonds with henna to enter the hair shaft.


I have been dying (no pun intended!) to get away from using commercial hair color for years. I work so hard to stay healthy, eat right and exercise. I always felt I was ruining it by using products that contain harsh chemicals that certainly can’t be good for me or my poor hair. I was always afraid to use henna mostly because of the all the info on the web: some good, some not so good. But I decided to cut off my hair, let the gray grow out and try out some henna. I bought the henna and amla to condition and give me an auburn hue. It was a bit of work but I love the natural scent and the beautiful shine my hair has now. I feel more confident I’m doing something good for my hair and for me.

Summer Marshall

I have been using henna for years. I usually buy it at the local ethnic Indian or middle eastern market, but found this site and decided to give it a try. I have African American hair and love the red highlight henna gives. I can say this henna is really potent and gives a good strong color. Thank you, Botanical Crown!

Catherine Szeko

As a professional mendhi artist I am always looking for henna with a good dye content and super fine ground powder consistency for the henna cones. Both the henna and indigo powders are high quality and I really know it when my customers rave about the deep and long lasting stain they get.


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