Indigo Powder

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Indigofera tinctoria, also called true indigo, is a species of plant from the bean family. You will notice the pleasant scent of sweet peas when you open the powder.  We bring you indigo from India but it has been in cultivation worldwide for many centuries. This plant dye produces a blue color often used to vary the shades of red to browns with henna. 100% natural and organically grown. Free from pesticide residues, with no synthetic additives or artificial coloring agents.

Origin: Tamil Nadu, India
For external use only. 

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How to use

Caution: If this is your first time using Indigo or hair herb, complete step 1 to create a small amount of mixture and perform a skin patch test on the neck near the scalp. If you feel any irritation, discontinue use. Use Indigo mixture with caution as it can stain skin and clothes.


Create Indigo Mix

In a metal, ceramic, or glass bowl, slowly mix Indigo powder and warm water until it has a yogurt like consistency. The amount of Indigo powder and water used depends on length and texture of hair. Add a sprinkle of salt to encourage dye release and stir mixture again. If mixing into Henna paste, do so right before applying Henna to hair.


Apply to Hair

Put on disposable gloves and using a hair color brush or tint brush, section hair and apply paste from roots to ends. Cover hair with a plastic cap to preserve moisture and leave on for 10 minutes to 4 hours (base the sitting time on the intensity of color desired). To avoid stains clean skin around hair line and from hands immediately.



Rinse hair under room temperature water until water runs clear. Style as usual and re-dye as needed.