Instructions for Using Henna on Hair and Hair Herbs

Instructions for Using Henna on Hair and Hair Herbs

There are hundreds of henna and hair herb application methods. But these are mostly variations of the steps listed below. For example, some choose not to wait for the lawsone release stage and apply henna paste directly after mixing, others add a bit of cardamom oil or tea tree oil before applying paste, or use indigo in a second application after henna is rinsed out, to obtain brown or black hues. Also it is important to know there are many types of liquids used to mix with the henna powder: black coffee or strong black tea, water with a squeeze of lemon, or simply water. A bit of acidity though helps the lawsone release. More neutral herbs like Amla and Cassia require only mixing with water to create a paste for immediate application to hair. Finally remember Botanical Crown henna and indigo are pure and come from nature but they are dyes. Protect your hands, clothing and work area with gloves and an old towel to catch any drips quickly to avoid staining. Always do a patch test to check for any allergic reaction. And mostly, have fun!


Complete step 1 with a small amount and perform a skin patch test on the neck near scalp if this is your first time using henna or hair herb.

Step 1

Assemble your henna powder, bowl w/ cover, liquid and mixing spoon. Slowly mix henna powder and liquid in bowl until paste reaches a wet “mashed potato” consistency. Cover and let henna mixture rest 3-6 hours until lawsone release is visible.

Step 2

Re-mix henna paste and add liquid if necessary to reach a smooth honey-like consistency, but not too runny. Add any additional herbs* or essential oils, and remember less of these optional ingredients is more effective. Section and apply henna herbal paste to hair using gloved hands or a small brush.

Step 3

Cover hair with plastic cap for 3-6 hours. Rinse henna from hair until water runs clear, apply your favorite conditioner and rinse again.


*You can add indigo at this stage for a one-step “hendigo” mix to obtain brown color, the amount of indigo depends on the depth of brown color you desire. If covering gray hair however a two-step method is often more effective.

Founder, Botanical Crown