Cassia Powder

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Cassia obovata is added to tone down the red dye in henna and if used alone can often produce a faint yellow tone which highlights blonde hair. 100% natural and organically grown. Free from pesticide residues, with no synthetic additives or artificial coloring agents.

Origin: Rajasthan, India
For external use only.

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How to use

Caution: If this is your first time using Cassia or hair herb, complete step 1 to create a small amount of mixture and perform a skin patch test on the neck near the scalp. If you feel any irritation, discontinue use. Use Cassia mixture with caution as it can stain skin and clothes.


Create Cassia Mix

In a metal, ceramic, or glass bowl mix Cassia powder and warm water to create a smooth paste. The amount of Cassia powder and water used depends on length and texture of hair. Cover and let mixture sit in a warm place to oxidize for 30 minutes to an hour. For blonde highlights on light colored hair: Add an acidic releasing ingredient (like yogurt or lemon juice) and chamomile, then let mixture sit to oxidize for 6 to 12 hours to achieve light and golden highlights. This highlighting action can ONLY be done on naturally blonde/light colored hair.


Apply to Hair

Put on disposable gloves and using a hair color brush or tint brush, section hair and apply paste from roots to ends. Cover hair with a plastic cap to preserve moisture and leave on for 45 minutes to 6 hours (base the sitting time on the intensity of color desired). To avoid stains clean skin around hair line and from hands immediately.



Rinse hair under room temperature water until water runs clear. Style as usual and re-dye as needed.